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Firmware Fix SCX 3405F


To order the firmware you want to print one report.

Print Report: -

Turn the printer on, load 5 sheets of paper on the unit press Menu # 1934 Menu, get into the service mode (TECH MENU). We come to the point Report, print it All Reports

The printer prints a report, find - firmware (Firmware / Engine Version), serial number (Machine Serial Number) and CRUM number. Serial number, you can also look at the sticker behind the printer.

Sample report about supplies

You must have the following information:

1. The exact name of the device.

2. Serial number. The serial number can also be determined using the free program (Download)

3. Firmware version. Available versions can be found here.

4. CRUM №

Send data and pay firmware (Payment)

- IMPORTANT! If the machine before trying to flash the firmware purchase does not guarantee it works! (In this case it is necessary to report the circumstances of the firmware).

How to patching: (see instructions) .

The cost of the firmware: - the protection and without protection from update (NU) and (U) - $6

Any questions?

Please use the following form to request information.

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